What to Do After an Accident While Delivering Orders on a Motorcycle or Scooter

When someone’s job is delivering orders on motorcycle or scooter vehicles, the chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident is quite high. Unfortunately, many drivers are careless when it comes to looking for people on two wheels while they are driving, especially on congested roads. Often, it’s simple carelessness that leads to the accident, which means that the accident could have been prevented had the at fault driver been paying attention. Regardless of the situation, those involved in the accident will expect the insurance company to make recompense for the damage.

Taking the right steps after a motorcycle accident is important. The first thing that those involved in the accident should do is call the police. In order to make a claim through an insurance company, the police report will have to be submitted. The police report will include the facts of the accident, including their view on who was at fault. This will have a major impact on whose insurance company will pay for the damages.

Once the claim has been filed, those that were involved in the accident will wait to see what their payment will be. For the victim (the one not at fault), the insurance should pay for property damage, medical bills, compensation for lost wages and provide additional money for pain and suffering. If there are long-term injuries, the money should be enough to provide financial security for an extended period of time. If that’s not the case then it will be time to speak with a lawyer.

It’s important to understand that in Louisiana there are some protections for insurance carriers. If the victim of the accident wasn’t wearing a helmet while driving their motorcycle, the insurance company can legally reduce payment if the injuries would have been less substantial had the driver been wearing a helmet. In addition, if there was anything wrong with the motorcycle, such as bad tires or non-working lights, this too can impact the total paid out. A lawyer will point out these issues immediately if that is the cause of a too low payment.

However, if the cyclist wasn’t breaking any laws and still weren’t compensated properly, a lawyer may be able to help. Consulting with a lawyer for this kind of case is usually free, which makes it easy to find out if an insurance company should pay more.