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How to Choose the Right Immigration Attorney If you have an immigration case in Dallas, it is important to get an attorney to help you. An immigration attorney is experienced in a wide range of areas related to immigration and will be a valuable asset for you. The attorney can help to ensure the case ends up with a positive outcome for you. Make sure you choose a lawyer specialized in immigration law rather than a general attorney. If you hire a general lawyer, he/she may end up making your case more complicated than it is. On the other hand, you can represent yourself in court if you wish. However, working with a lawyer is the best option if you want to be sure the case will go in the right director. Below are some tips to consider to find the right immigration attorney in Dallas. Check Referrals Asking your friends, family members and co-workers for referrals is one of the easy ways of finding good attorneys in Dallas. Some of the people you are aquatinted with may know of good immigration lawyers in the city. If you do not ask, you will never know whether a person has information on the attorneys you are looking for. Some of your work colleagues may be aliens that had to work with an immigration attorney to get their cases resolved.
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The benefit of asking for referrals is that you can also be warned of poor attorneys to avoid. Attorneys that have a poor reputation are well known. Your colleagues can help you avoid hiring attorneys that are likely to offer poor services.
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Research the Lawyers Another way of finding immigration attorneys in Dallas is by researching online. Check the website of the association of immigration lawyers for contacts of attorneys that work in Dallas. The attorneys listed at the association’s website usually have a good reputation. Check whether any potential attorneys you had been referred to are listed on the website of the immigration attorneys’ association. Use the website to confirm the educational and professional qualifications of the attorneys. Schedule a Meeting You should have a list of potential immigration lawyers you can work with after researching online and asking for recommendations. When you have a number of potential attorneys you can work with, it’s time to evaluate them. Schedule an interview separately with each of the attorneys to find out how they work. You will know what to expect of the lawyer you choose by carrying out interviews. Explain to the lawyer about your case and find out what he/she has to say. Go for an attorney that has experience in handling the type of case you have. Before deciding whether or not to hire an attorney, ask him/her for a list of clients that have benefited from the services offered in the past.